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Recruitment campaigns for scarce professionals

Reach top-of-mind awareness with your target audience. Find the right talent and control your candidate inflow.
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Get a grip on your target audience

Because of the extremely tight job market, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the right candidates for your vacancy. Traditional means of recruitment no longer provide you with control over your inflow. This has a negative impact on the growth of your organization. Oftentimes, you're at the hands of recruiters who don't deliver you the people you need. Work pressure mounts and the quality decreases. Learn how you can change that. With our data-driven recruitment campaigns, we consistently succeed in finding the right professionals for your vacancies.

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Reach 5x more candidates

Whether you're looking for operation assistants or SAP consultants, we help you find the right professionals. We do this by tapping into the hidden source of latent jobseekers. We build talent pools of potential candidates, which we cultivate over time, making you top-of-mind with your target audience. By using hyper personalization, we know how to reach, motivate and persuade your ideal candidate into taking a step toward your organization. Learn how our smart recruitment campaigns ensure your ideal match says 'yes' to your job offer, making recruitment predictable again.

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Achieve top-of-mind awareness

Most professionals who change jobs never went on an active search. Oftentimes, the threshold for action is too high and the benefits of the new job are unclear. We solve this problem by using behavioral science to influence the behavior of your candidates. Through tailor-made content and psychological techniques, we persuade your candidates to act. By measuring every click in the candidate journey and using that data for optimization, we remove the obstacles in their way. That's how we ensure that candidates take a step toward your organization, so you can go back to focusing on growing your organization.


Gain control over your inflow

By using our data-driven campaigns, you regain your grip on the job market. You control your own recruitment machine, allowing you to be less dependent on external organizations or temporary labor. Curious how we have found extremely scarce professionals for other organizations? Check up with us!

Get your desired result in five steps

No two candidates are the same, but we do love structure. That's why we've divided the recruitment process up in five fases.
Talent Proposition Sprint
Without thorough knowledge of the perception and experience of your candidates your hiring efforts are hopeless. We get in contact with your employees and use structured interviews to figure out the hidden potential for recruitment within your company.
Value proposition and concept
On the basis of the information from the Talent Proposition Sprint, in-depth interviews and job market-data we develop a concept plan. Our experts figure out what moves your target audience and which strings we need to pull to better motivate them into applying. That’s how we translate your added value as an employer to the optimal proposition for your target audience.
In the hiring process every step is crucial. Copywriting, fotography, video and ads have to form a single well thought-out whole in order to effectively influence your candidate. Because small details make all the difference in recruitment, we produce everything in-house with our own creative teams.
Configuration and delivery
During delivery we combine every loose component in order to create an effective hiring-machine. From now on every click is analyzed and every view is monitored, strengthening your grip on your target audience.
Monitoring and continual optimization
When we fire up the hiring-machine our work begins in full. We measure the behavior of the people we are persuading with your proposition, and constantly experiment in order to enhance your reach and grow the conversion rate. Your personal Customer Succes Manager will be by your side and work with you in order to get you the best candidates in the market.


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