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Why we do what we do.

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Our mission: 

At Jobsrepublic we use technology to connect people with jobs that really fit them. We believe that people who do work that matches their passions, motivations and talents bring out the best in them.

People who utilize their strengths create optimal and successful organizations with great work environments. We believe that there is a perfect job for everyone and Jobsrepublic does everything to make that perfect match.

Achieving that perfect match is our mission. 

What if we just helped everyone get the perfect job...
Eric van Bourgonje
CEO, Jobsrepublic

Most people accidentally stumble into their dream job

We’re here to lend fortune a hand

The best things happen when you are busy making other plans. We believe that this is also true when it comes to the perfect job. We assure you, you don’t have to go looking for it, but instead that the ideal job comes looking for you.
We find you and find the pitch-perfect story to match your wishes and needs in a job and organization. We take you by the hand and bring you the opportunities you didn’t know you were looking for, and then we make sure that taking that step is as simple as possible.
That’s the way we bring you in contact with your dream job. That is what we do for candidates, and it’s how we help your organization get the best people.

Our Team

EricB_ zwart wit
Eric van Bourgonje


Ewoud_ zwart wit
Ewoud Bloemendal


Frank_ zwart wit
Frank Meerts


Lindy Aten

Head of Operations

20220421_091329 (1)
Sebastiaan van Teunenbroek

Head of Sales

Annelieke_ zwart wit-1
Annelieke Blom

People Operations Manager

Annette_ zwart wit-1
Annette Schoen

Officemanager / PA

Anna Newby
Anna Newby

Financial Specialist

Farah_ zwart wit
Farah Sheikrojan

Account Executive

JR_Annemiek_S_ zwart wit 2
Annemiek te Loo

Customer Succes Manager

Rosalie Koppes_ zwart wit 2
Rosalie Koppes

Customer Succes Manager

Tessa d B_ zwart wit
Tessa de Beurs

Customer Succes Manager

Youp Havermans

Interim Customer Succes Manager

Sanne vd Vorm
Sanne van der Vorm

Campagne Manager

Marian_ zwart wit- jpg
Marian Margana

Campagne Manager

Amke ZW
Amke Euwes

Interim Campaign Manager

Niels_ zwart wit
Niels Beuker

Web Content Specialist

Shanice ZW
Shanice Justus

Interim Project Manager

Anne-Mei_ zwart wit
Anne-Mei Chin

Online Marketing Coördinator

Priyant_ zwart wit_
Priyant Khemai

Digital Performance Marketeer

Leon_ zwart wit
Leon Verloop

Marketing Executive

Nikki_ zwart wit
Nikki ten Hove

Creative Producer

Pam_ zwart wit_
Pam Evers

Interim Creative

Celine zwart wit 2
Celine Senator

Junior Content Creator

Miguel_ zwart wit
Miguel Suárez

Software Architect

Rasvan zwart wit
Razvan Hutanu

Junior Backend Developer

Joe zwart wit 2
Joe Aouad

Senior Backend Developer

dominik.knechta_ zwart wit. jpg
Dominik Knechta

Senior Frontend Developer

Marian Morgalo_ zwart wit
Marian Morgalo

Senior Frontend Developer

Dexter_ zwart wit
Dexter Demmink

Online Markteer

Daniel_ zwart wit
Daniël Dojčinović

Online Marketeer

Renee_ zwart wit
Renee Zwagerman

Online Marketeer

Kain_ zwart wit
Kain Ditmer

Online Marketeer

Sam sterk zwart wit 2
Sam Sterk

Online Marketeer

Sarai_ zwart wit-1
Sarai Grunfeld

Online Marketeer

Bronty ZW
Bronty Schermer

Online Marketeer

We are proud of our culture. That means we take it seriously. 

  • Responsibility

    We believe in our cause. You work in a team that sees your goals as their own, ensuring the best result.
  • Expertise

    We are good at what we do, but we still innovate. That way you can be sure our work is and remains excellent.
  • Openness

    We are honest and open with one another. You can always come to us with feedback, criticism or insights—we do the same for you.
  • Flexibility

    We love innovation. There are many roads that lead to your goal, and by consistently developing, you pick the right one.
  • Fun

    We like a good work environment. You have a team that’s enthusiastic and celebrates success with you.
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