How Securitas managed to recruit 1300 candidates in eight months thanks to hypertargeting

14 November 2018

Jobsrepublic designed a hypertargeted social recruitment campaign that ultimately delivered 1,300 security personnel for Securitas in the space of eight months.

1300 Applications despite scarcity in the labour market

As a result of labour market scarcity and a shortage of qualified security personnel, Securitas was unable to find enough candidates to meet the increasing demand for security professionals. Which is why Securitas decided to recruit non-qualified candidates and train them to become professional security guards. However, existing recruitment methods weren't delivering enough candidates, so Securitas went looking for new ways to reach its target groups.

Jobsrepublic was commissioned to develop a sustainable, smart, innovative and cost-effective way of reaching enough candidates, and subsequently designed a hypertargeted social recruitment campaign to resolve Securitas' specific recruitment issues. This campaign resulted in more than 1300 applications in less than eight months.

Group of security employees next to tank

Lonneke Schagen - Securitas:

“Thanks to Jobsrepublic, we can achieve the high-level intake we are after any time, anywhere.”

Campaign angle

Securitas is a unique employer and offers its employees stability, a pleasant working atmosphere, variety and numerous opportunities for growth. It is an innovative organisation that is a leader in the security industry. In addition to the specific characteristics of vacancies, this attractiveness was used as our campaign angle.


Hypertargeting: approaching and enticing the right target groups

Together with Securitas, we opted for a distinctive and innovative recruitment approach. The latent job-seeker target group was reached using a combination of hyper-targeting through social media and personalised campaign pages.

Candidates were targeted using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, with interested candidates then being retargeted. The lengthy duration of the campaign, in which the employer remained actively involved in the candidate assessment phase, effectively capitalised on the repeat factor.

During the campaign, advertisements were displayed almost 70,000 times, more than 27,000 people read the campaign pages and 1,300 candidates eventually applied.

Securitas - January 2018 - September 2018


People reached


Visitors to website


Job applicants

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Sustainable cooperation

Meanwhile, a large amount of data has been collected on the behaviour of the target group. This will make it easier to respond quickly to changing market demands in the future and provide more control over intake. Campaigns are now coordinated and extended where necessary according to Securitas' recruitment needs.

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