FAQ: Frequently asked questions 

Which jobs have you previously found candidates for?

Through the years we have worked on countless different vacancies. In healthcare we have recruited IC nurses, Residents, OR-assistents and personal coaches. Outside of healthcare we have built campaigns in most every sector. From mechanics to newspaper deliverers, security personnel and customer service employees on both the national and international level and IT-professionals.

Do you talk to the candidates?

We don't talk to the candidates ourselves. We generate leads and make sure that the right amount of candidates with the right qualities apply. From thereon they go through your regular recruitment process. 

What makes your approach different?

The candidate is central to everything. We do very thorough research into your target audience, and get to know your ideal candidate in order to create an appealing proposion and a persuasive candidate journey. On top of that we always focus on results. We are not just interested in clicks or reach, but on getting the right amount of qualified candidates for you. Curious on how we can supply you with the right amount of candidates? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts!

Do you also reach latent job-seekers?

Absolutely, latent job-seekers are our primary focus. They represent by far the greatest part of market (75%) they have the largest potential. Because of the latent chaaracter of the target audience they require more persuasion than their actively seeking counterparts. That's why we apply behavioural science to influence their behaviour. With tailor made content and psychologic thenchniques to persuade the candidate into action. 

What is the cost-per-hire?

Of course the cost-per-hire is dependant on the job. Costs vary between €80,- for low-skilled workers up to €10.000,- for extremely scarce professionals. We use your current CPH as a benchmarkt and make sure you get the candidates you need at a lower price. In some cases we manage to shrink the cost-per-hire by 75%. 

Which ATS-systems do you integrate with?

On this page you'll find which ATS-systems we make integrations for. Curious whether we can also integrate your ATS-system? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts.  

In whose name do you advertise?

One of the major benefits of our recruitment campaigns is that we recruit in your name. This way we don't just get you the candidates you need, we also enhance your brand with your target audience.

Do you apply behavioural science?

In our campaigns we use text and visuals to persuade your candidates. By using specific words, visuals and colors we are able to speak to the emotions of your candidates. Among other things we achieve this by applying the principles of famed reasearcher R. Cialdini. Curious how you can apply these principles for your candidate journey? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. 

Which channels do you use?

Depending on your target audience we use the following channels: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin as well as 250 seperate jobboards. Curious which channels work best for your target group? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. 


How do you measure everything?

We measure all relevant data on the platforms themselves. Here we see which adverts get the most attention and reacht the right audience. On the campaign page we measure the behaviour of every visitor, awarding each a engagement-score. We always optimize for conversion, not for clicks or reach. 

How are the campaigns A/B tested?

Depending on the size of the campaign we A/B test as many variables as possible.  Among other things we test text and images in ads and the function titles on campaign pages. Of course the campaign is constantly optimized on the basis of the test results ensuring the best possible quality. 

What does hyper-personalisation mean?

the strength of our method lies in our complete focus on the candidate. Through dedicated target research we identify your ideal candidate, and put together an in-depth and detailed profile. Next, we create content that neatly fits the perception and experience of your candidates, which allows us to persuade them to take a step towards your organisation. 

Can jobsrepublic recruit anywhere in the world? 

At this point in time our service extends to Europe North- and South-America, and certain parts of Africa and the Middle-East. 

Which languages do you support? 

At the moment we support all Western languages. Feel free to contact us to see if we can support non-Western languages. 

Get your desired result in five steps

No two candidates are the same, but we do love structure. That's why we've divided the recruitment process up in five fases.
Talent Proposition Sprint
Without thorough knowledge of the perception and experience of your candidates your hiring efforts are hopeless. We get in contact with your employees and use structured interviews to figure out the hidden potential for recruitment within your company.
Value proposition and concept
On the basis of the information from the Talent Proposition Sprint, in-depth interviews and job market-data we develop a concept plan. Our experts figure out what moves your target audience and which strings we need to pull to better motivate them into applying. That’s how we translate your added value as an employer to the optimal proposition for your target audience.
In the hiring process every step is crucial. Copywriting, fotography, video and ads have to form a single well thought-out whole in order to effectively influence your candidate. Because small details make all the difference in recruitment, we produce everything in-house with our own creative teams.
Configuration and delivery
During delivery we combine every loose component in order to create an effective hiring-machine. From now on every click is analyzed and every view is monitored, strengthening your grip on your target audience.
Monitoring and continual optimization
When we fire up the hiring-machine our work begins in full. We measure the behavior of the people we are persuading with your proposition, and constantly experiment in order to enhance your reach and grow the conversion rate. Your personal Customer Succes Manager will be by your side and work with you in order to get you the best candidates in the market.